Thursday, March 13, 2014

My World: Filled with Art

My world is filled with art.  Mail Art. Art Journaling. The art of Cooking.  The Art of Housekeeping. The Art of Sarcasm.  The art of dealing with life. All kinds of art.  Last year in the spring, I dived in headlong into the world of Art Journaling, thanks to discovering #Daisy Yellow on Facebook.  And since that time, my lifelong love of creativity, art and all things artsy has evolved to this.  I need a place to store my art, publish my art, share tips and tutorials with my friends and fellow art junkies. It might not always be paper art. I love to craft and make fused glass and jewelry. If it involves being creative, I'm there.  An expert at anything artistic I am not, but I read. I study. I practice. Ideas come naturally to me, and I am certainly not afraid to experiment and explore.  Let's continue to explore, play and have fun  So with this, I shall begin to share my adventure with you.

"S" is for Spring

This is a postcard prepared for a swap.  A 4x6 index card that I gessoed, then applied Derwent Inktense blocks in blue, teal and yellow.  I drew the sunflower on a vintage book page and colored with Inktense and cut out. It was collaged to the card with gel medium. Stamping was added and additional detail applied with Faber Castell Pitt pen and Bic Wite Out.


  1. LOVE sunflowers!!! they are so majestic !! <3 and yours is so pretty :)

  2. Excited you have an art blog! You have so many awesome ideas.

    1. Thank you Deborah. Now all I have to do is remember how to configure it the way I want. LOL