Saturday, March 15, 2014

Drawing Practice

My drawing skills are limited by what I can see, and the fact that I never got to take any kind of art lessons as a kid growing up or in school.  To my parents, that was fodder.  Focusing on academics was their idea of what I was supposed to learn in school.  It is not what I wanted to do for sure.

So, I practice.  The top photo shows a postcard I received in happy mail from Jenny MacRunnel in Iowa.  As you can see, there is a delightful bird on this side (more on the other side).  Since there was a handly piece of parchment paper sent along with this postcard, I ripped off a piece of it and had a little go at sketching with my trusty #2 pencil.  Not a bad effort.  But clearly I need to practice, practice, practice. "Round" is my nemesis, followed closely by shading.  And the journey continues.

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