Wednesday, February 3, 2016

29 Faces Challenge

I am participating in the 29 Faces Challenge this year, determined to force myself to be able to draw faces -- all kinds of faces.  I want to be able to draw my own whimsical faces, serious faces, faces that look like faces and be able to use them in my art journaling.  And the only way to get better at doing this -- is to practice.  So I am officially taking on this challenge with gusto, and we shall see if I improve as the month progresses.

The challenge is easy.  Create 29 faces during the 29 days of February.  There's a group for this HERE, a Facebook Page / Community HERE, and a Blog HERE.

While I just today "officially" decided to participate in this challenge, I have been hesitant to participate over the last couple of years because, well, my drawing skills are meh!  But as I said, I am practicing and hope to get better during this challenge.

I actually started "face practice" on the evening of January 27th, and I will be brave and share them all with you as I go along.  Let's all pray I get better!  I promise not to bombard you with posts, and will share again next week.  So here we go...

January 27th - pencil  -- had some trouble with the eyes, so I left them unfinished

 January 29th  - colored pencil

January 30 & 31st - Pencil and Prismacolor Pencils.  That one for the 31st is just my weird sense of humor shining through!
Official Face #1/29 February 1st
Gelatos, Stabilo All pencil

#2/29 February 2nd
Gelatos, Watercolor Pencil, Stabilo All Pencil, Pitt Pen
Still don't quite get the whole "nose" concept but I'm working on it!

That's it for now.  As with anything new, it is all about practice, practice, practice and I am DETERMINED to be able to add faces of some kind to my art.

As always, keep your world artful!