Sunday, March 23, 2014

Great Scores!

This week I have had two of the most fabulous (and fruitful) shopping experiences -- ever!  First, a friend came to  visit her son in a nearby town and we got together to go to my newly found paper paradise, also in a small, rural town nearby. This place is the mecca for vintage papers, books, vintage photographs and other ephemera, totally necessary for journaling. We thrive on this stuff.  We swoon with ecstasy at the smell of a warehose full of paper and musty smells.  The angels sing and we go on sensory overload.  Long story short, I made the paper haul of a lifetime.....and plan to go back.  Hey, you can only sneak in so much without the hubs having a conniption fit.  LOL

I picked up a bunch of different vintage photographs, magazine tear sheets from the 40's and 50's for use in my art journaling, along with a good assortment of vintage postcards and maps.

There was all sorts of paper to be found, from printed lists, old calendars, old real estate and business documents, more maps, expanding folders. So much wonderful paper goodness it was difficult to decide what to select...but I surely managed to make some great selections.

After some rigorous digging, I found a small stash of art supplies, and some rare educational stamps from the 50's.  I was tickled to death to find these and can't wait to use them!  Included in my stash I also brought home a big stack of vintage books, some old textbooks, poetry books, a couple of atlases and some children's books.  I was giddy with excitement to find quite a bit of vintage advertising and the holy grail....... we found a complete set of 1954 advertising tear sheets from the Meyer Both Advertising Company.  My friend and I split the set (it was huge, and pretty costly).  I am hunting somewhere locally or in Dallas that can scan these huge sheets so we don't have to cut them up. It would be a shame to damage or alter them as they are in pristine condition.

So, all in all that was a fantastic day.  I am still cataloging all my finds and trying to find a place to keep it all until it is needed and can be used.  Some will get shared out to my arty friends for their use.  We must always share the love.

Now, for the other great thing.  Today, a flea market shopping trip.  While my initial outlay of cash seemed a princely sum at a flea market ($255.00) ...The Copic markers more than made up for that. The sheer joy of getting all these cannot be explained to a non-arty friend, or a husband.

I scored 125 Copic Markers that normally retail for $6.49 each, most of which had never been used, a dozen Copic Inks;  a huge assortment of cling, unmounted and mounted rubber stamps, scads and scads of scrapbooking papers, 25 stamp pads, a full set of Prismacolor colored pencils and watercolor pencils; a set of Stampin Up watercolor crayons (48 pcs + an 8 pc gray set), a nice selection of paper punches and quite a bit of other assorted ephemera and art supplies.   I could barely get it all in the back of my car.  And the hubs doesn't understand my giddiness.  I can't wait to put it all to great use creating art. Creating fun. Creating excitement in someone else's life.  The smile will be on my face for many days to come.

Want to come go shopping with me sometime???????  

The color
The paper & storage

Cling and unmounted stamps

Mounted stamps


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  1. WOW, Betty, that was an amazing haul! I totally get it, and I'm totally jealous!