Saturday, March 15, 2014


Many of you know I have terrible insomnia. And when I can't sleep, I art, I surf the web, Pinterest, blogs, etc. in search of good "stuff: -- inspiration, fabulous finds, printables and generally everything cool you could want or be inspired by for our journaling and art.  Periodically I will share this good stuff with you..... or as we say in the Texas vernacular..... good 'thangs.  It might be a link to a good deal on art supplies, or great stuff to use in your journal, or something cool to make.  It will be a good thang in my book anyway.

Tonight's "good thang" is  Catslife Press Rubber Stamp Co..  OMG.  This place has some amazing stamps and you can order mounted or unmounted, saving yourself tons of $$$ on shipping.  They only charge shipping per order and I think stocking up is in order.  I can mount the silly things myself (or not).  So, this is not a paid endorsement or anything like that. I just like their stuff and consider it a good 'thang.  Maybe you will too!

and a little bonus: free garden marker printable from BIC:

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