Saturday, August 29, 2015

ARTFUL JOURNEYS - WEEK #35 "Sunsets & Fireflies"

Our prompt this week at Artful Journeys is Sunsets and Fireflies.  What could be better for the end of the summer?

As we were coming home from dinner on Friday evening, we had a spectacular sunset!  There was apparently a lot of dust in the upper atmosphere and the sun, a huge crimson orb, cast off shadows of deep purples, pinks and blues and bright, golden linings to the clouds behind the setting sun.  It went down quickly, but the sight of it, and its still-lingering memory inspired my spread this week.

This page was done with heavy body and craft acrylics, with the idea of the sun setting over the hills around our lake.  My fireflies are mostly captured in little mason jars, drawn with a white Sakura Pen Touch pen.  The glow of the fireflies is with a neon yellow Sharpie paint marker.

I hope you like it.  No quote this week or words of inspiration.  Just the sheer joy of remembering how we used to catch fireflies in mason jars on hot summer nights as kids, and sometimes pinching off those blinking tails and smearing them on our shirts.  Fun times!

Have a wonderful and artful week!



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I especially love your fireflies in the mason jars! Great work!

  2. I absolutely love all the color! you totally captured a moment!

  3. I absolutely love all the color! you totally captured a moment!

  4. Thank you ladies. I was truly inspired and it came together so easily for me.

  5. Good page. Wish I had thought of the jars.

  6. Beautiful spread Betty! Nice colours and interest with the mason jars!