Saturday, April 4, 2015


Hi everyone!  I hope spring is breaking out at your house. It certainly is here in north Texas.  The hubs has all the garden finally in, the trees are all budding out and losing pollen all over everywhere...driving me and my allergies crazy!  The temperatures have been really great during the day and we're doing our best to enjoy every second we can before it gets hot.  That lasts a LONG time!

This week at Artful Journeys, our prompt is to "Doodle Flowers". You could doodle the borders, all over or however you want, but doodle them we must!

Following last week's color scheme, I went with a dark pansy purple background in acrylic craft paint, applied with a wide flat nylon bristle brush. All the flowers were at least first doodled with a white Sakura Gelly pen.  I then added White, Green, Blue and Pink Chalk paint as fill ins on my flowers and did my lettering with green Chalk marker.

And there you have it. Easy peasy. Bright and breezy.  Enjoy your Easter everyone!