Thursday, April 9, 2015

10 Day Doodle Challenge

For the last ten days in our mail art group, Artful Mail Groupies, we've had a doodle challenge going on as suggested by Carrol Creech Aizenman.

I finished all ten of my doodles, with the last today.  And yes, I did do one a day.  Most of them are in my Graphique pocket journal that lives beside my chair in the living room or in my purse.  With all my other commitments, I knew I wouldn't have time to doodle up anything big or grandiose.

So here are all ten days worth of my doodles.

DAY 1 - Mandala with Sakura Gelly pens

DAY 2 - Sakura Gelly pens

DAY 3 - Random Doodles. 
No time today. Sakura Gelly Pen & Copic Markers

DAY 4 - Acrylic, Ghost Stamping, 
White & Black Signo Uniball
The white outlines each separate gradation of color giving the unique look to the background. This was more like doodling than I expected, so I called it doodled.

DAY 5 - 12 Ways to Doodle Trees
Background was leftover paint smeared on hurriedly with a baby wipe

DAY 6 - Grateful
Sakura Gelly pen and black Sharpie Marker. Background is more of the excess paint wiped on with a baby wipe from a previous project

Just a few minutes after cleaning up the kitchen. Sakura Gelly Pen & Prismacolor pencil

A little slow journaling practice, with doodling elements. Prismacolor pencils & Sakura Gelly pen.

DAY 9 - Doodles in Grids
A technique learned at Tammy Garcia's Watercolor Playground workshop.  Grids/boxes laid out with Sakura Gelly pen and doodled and one little practice sketch of an Elmer's Glue Stick. Colorized with pan watercolors and a #6 pointed round brush.  This is great practice for fine detail and brush work.

DAY 10 - The Last Day of the Challenge
Sakura Gelly pen, watercolor, Prismacolor pencils & copic Marker

And, while I was waiting on several projects to dry this afternoon, I completed this one in my large Dylusions Journal.  Derwent Inkense & babywipes; Prismacolor Pencils, Sakura Gelly Pen, Signo Uniball pen

It was a fun 10-day challenge. I had to work hard to carve out time to do this every day, but I did it. That in itself is an accomplishment.

Keep it arful!



  1. Thanks for sharing your art.
    I particularly like the "extra" one at the end.
    Meeting the challenge is indeed an accomplishment.
    I write everyday, somedays are more successfully than other days.
    When I am discouraged about my output, I tell myself "At least I put BIC (butt in chair) and wrote. That in itself is an accomplishment. Gets me there the next day.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Maritha, and you are so right. Set about the task until you finish. Even if we aren't satisfied with the results, we need to be satisfied with completing a project.

  2. Lovely art! Great job on the 10 day challenge! It's been fun!