Saturday, January 3, 2015

She Sings

In life, as in art, we have to express ourselves based on what resides within us, whether we are singing, painting gentle strokes with a paintbrush, or dancing like no one is watching.  I am finding that the simpler things in life truly make me the happiest.  Am I facing my own mortality? I don't know for sure, but likely, given I have lived 6 decades on this earth and do not know what the future holds or how long I shall continue to enjoy this life.  Certainly something to think about.  Something I am thinking about these days.  But this post is not about such maudlin things as that.

Creating, for me, is something I MUST do.  I have to do it.  It doesn't matter whether I'm slinging paint and glitter or whipping up something delicious in the kitchen or refinishing and saving an old piece of furniture.  All of that is creating in my world.  I move the furniture around in the house to get new perspectives.  I rehang pictures.  I move around my collectibles to new locations, making them all fresh again.

These two postcards express all of that for me.  "She sings because she has a song" sums it up quite nicely.  We create because we have to do it, feel the need to do it, to get out that "something" within us that needs to be expressed.

Both backgrounds were generously sent to me in happy mail.  The red one is embossing on cardstock that I embellished with pastel and fussy cut out an image from an old pocket calendar I had been hanging onto.  Simple, but powerful.

The blue background is lovely and the layering of paint and paper and texture is quite satisfying.  It was a much larger piece, and once I cut it to size was more in love with it than before.  Again, I fussy cut out the back of that old pocket calendar and collaged to the background.

Nothing hard or difficult about either of these pieces.  I basically turned scrap into something beautiful and powerful. Create because you have to do it.  Create because you want to do it.  Turn play papers into something and change the perspective. This is what I did.

Both these postcards will be flying to their new homes on Monday.  I hope the recipients like them as much as I do.


  1. What a wonderful post and beautiful postcards.
    You do such nice work.

  2. I love your bird postcards, fabulous job!