Thursday, January 8, 2015

Doodle Painting

What do artists do when we're bored, talking on the phone or waiting?  We doodle, of course.

An artist / doodler would never be good at a high security job where doodling was verboten.  I know I surely wouldn't be any good with that kind of thing.  I tend to doodle things I see; jot down words I hear and draw endless open boxes.  Yes, that's my primary doodle thing, open boxes.  Oh and arrows pointing toward things. While I didn't doodle any of those things here (this was a little more contrived doodling than normal), I still had fun filling up all those random boxes.

Spurred on by a post by Tammy Garcia at Daisy Yellow, and always willing to play with my watercolors or gouache, I grabbed up a black Sakura Gelly pen and made a bunch of random boxes on 9x12" watercolor paper.  No scary white page here.  Just make some random boxes of varying height, width and shape.  The tricky part of course is what you put in them.  Maybe you will actually do some random doodles. I wanted to put in some "sparks" and some fun into mine.

After all, isn't art about fun?  

After I had created all the boxes, I then set about with my watercolors to fill them in.  Since I was "sort of" watching a program on television with the husband (quality time, right?) I just pulled out my Koi Field Watercolor set. Plenty of choices.  And I fixed up a jar of water, brought in a paper towel and just used my #6 pointed round brush.  No rhyme or reason to the color choices, but totally random selection -- just like doodles. Random.  I had grabbed a Faber Castell Calligraphy nib pen to make all my "doodles". Some of the things in my doodle boxes mean something to me, others are just for out and out grins and giggles.

Create some random fun for yourself and give it a shot.  Do it in your pocket journal while you're waiting somewhere, or in your favorite experiment journal or as I did, on a whole separate page.  No matter where you create it, you will have some fun.

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