Saturday, September 26, 2015

Artful Journeys - Week #39 "Tea Time"

Tea Time... really?  And they (the other girls) are saying this to a die-hard coffee fiend?  Yes, they insisted.  Nobody griped about the prompt.  Except for my private, quiet gritching.  I made something snarky first, but thought.......nahhh.  Better not go there.  But it's in my journal.  Tea?  pfffffffft.  But in the spirit of going along and getting along, I pulled my mind out of the gutter and started over.  And my mind went straight to Alice in Wonderland.  I love that book. I love all the original drawings by John Tenniel.  I love everything about it.  So off I went.

I found the original drawings by Tenniel online and blew up the tea party scene and printed it out on 8.5" x 11" glossy photo paper.  I dragged out all my alcohol inks and a new packet of aqua brushes and my spritzer bottle of rubbing alcohol and got busy.  Oh what fun this was.  Not exactly like "coloring" and not exactly like "painting".  The alcohol ink goes on really smoothly on the photo paper and blends really nicely with a little dip of the tip in alcohol.  Whatever it was in the end, it was great, and I like how it turned out.  While working on this, I recalled this wonderful story and now I have a big smile on my face and the gritching is all gone.  Quote on a shaving foam background on 140 lb cold press watercolor paper with a bold Signo Uniball for the lettering.

Yes, Alice, we are ALL mad here.......

I hope you like what I did this week.  It surely put a smile on my face.  Be sure and go see the fun over on Melody and Shana's blogs, and as always, visit Artful Chicks to see Lynn's.

Have a very artful week, y'all.
~~Betty aka Arty Auntie


  1. This is just lovely Betty. I love using alcohol inks too.

  2. love Alice. And I am with you; tea pftttt. I only drink it when sick. I am a coffee girl all the way.

  3. Oh Betty, this technique is so cool! I'm a tea-body and I like this spread! (Sounds like a political endorsement! LOL!)