Saturday, May 9, 2015


We're having some writing fun this week at Artful Journeys and are asking you to write a Limerick and incorporate that into your journal.

I know many of you will balk at this exercise, but seriously, it is fun and the rhyming is easy. Take a couple of minutes of your day, and look at some examples of Limericks on Google and just follow along with the strict rhyme scheme of AABBA.  Incorporating writing and words into our art journals is difficult for many people.  Often, I find myself just creating art without adding meaningful words.  I actually do journal every day, but do so in a specific journal that I use solely for writing, that periodically has art incorporated into it.  Not the other way around.

When we came up with this prompt, an idea for it immediately popped into my mind and once I set pen to paper, I wrote mine is less than 5 minutes, after spending just a couple of minutes getting the poetic meter in my head by reviewing some classic Limericks on the internet.  A couple of tweaks and I pronounced it done.  Sure, I could have spent hours tweaking and refining, but as always I have to move on to other projects.

My limerick:

There once was a man named Bart
Who loved creating his art.
But when the wind blew, 
Out the window the canvas flew 
Because the wind was only Bart's phart!

Background is sponged craft acrylic in Khaki and Tan. Bart was drawn direct with a bold Signo Uniball pen and then colored with watercolor paints. Letters embellished with watercolor.

I hope you get a little chuckle and have fun playing with limericks and then incorporating your own limerick into your journal. I did.  Just looking at my wonky Bart and the limerick makes me laugh. It even made the hubs have a good little chuckle.

Make it a great week, and I can't wait to see yours!

aka Arty Auntie

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