Monday, July 7, 2014

Mixed Media Journal Tags

Over at Artful Mail Groupies, we're doing a tag swap, with the theme of "Book Pages".  I have two partners for this swap and really didn't want to make them both the same.  So I didn't.   The hard part is going to be how to decide who gets which one.  Maybe I will let Miss Fate decide.  She usually gets it right!

**LIFE IS ALL ABOUT YOU** tag started with a pre-made manila tag, and book page with mop-up paint on it.  It was just a scrap and just about the right size, so I went with it.  Added some fabric tape, feathers, a button and an embellishment card to send all those positive vibes out into the world.  Finished off with lovely ribbons received in Happy Mail!  The colors are soft it has a very serene overall effect.  


This tag, started much the same as the blue one on a plain vanilla tag.  I have tons of book pages from from vintage US Government textbooks from 1949, and this was one.  I drew the sunflower with a black Sakura Gelly pen, added the highlights and then colored it all in with assorted Copic Markers in Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow, Canary Yellow, Champagne and Light Camel.  Additional colors added were Apricot and Mimosa Yellow. Finished off the edges with Champagne and my Scarlet Lime pen and some fancy ruffled and gros grain ribbons.

I always enjoy making tags. They are so versatile. You can put them in your art journal, use them as bookmarks, hang them as decoration.  I am currently collecting swapped bookmarks to make a collage work with them on stretched canvas.  Right now, I have almost filled a 16x20 canvas, so the process will begin soon!

Stay tuned for more, and happy creating!


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    1. Gotta love sunflowers. They always make me happy!

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    1. Thanks, Kreative. The work is easy when it is something you love.