Monday, June 23, 2014


Everyone seems to be progressing along nicely over at Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge.  The work I am seeing by other members of the group is outstanding, thoughtful, provocative, experimental and always exciting to see.  We are all playing and having great fun!  Are you playing too?

This week our primary "theme" was MAPS.  You could use them or not.  And as always, we had 7 prompts for each day of the week.

Here are my creations for this past week.

PROMPT 15-STICKERS -- Scraped black craft acrylic background, with feathers, some painted pellon, Sakura Gelly pens in metallic hues, and the owl and saying stickers.

PROMPT 16- ROLL THE DICE.  Yes, I could have gone with the obvious.  Been there, done that. Something different this time.  I printed out a copy of my grandparents' wedding photograph and tore around the edges to be able to give it a little more of an aged/distressed feel.   I did utilize the theme this week on this card since I had a map of Iowa from a vintage 1960's World Atlas I snagged at a junk store.  I colorized the image a bit with Copic Markers with Cherry White, Lipstick Red, Light Camel, Clay, Africano and Willow.  "Poetry" created with my trusty Dymo label maker and then I "aged" with Copic Markers.  The whole thing was given a little more age with Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Tea Dye.  I hope my cousins don't try to take it away from me at our family reunion this coming weekend!

PROMPT 17- POLKA DOTS.  I love dots. Circles. Polka Dots. Always have.  Have never looked good wearing them, but that doesn't keep me from liking them!  Background done with Derwent Inktense Blocks in Yellow and Green and babywipes.  The magazine image came from Style Magazine.  Embellished with Green Sharpie, Metallic Green Sakura pen, Scarlet Lime pen and "found" poetry.


PROMPT 18 - ORANGE.   Orange is definitely my favorite secret color.  Seems like I do lots of things with orange. I have a lot of orange in my closet.  And I definitely love it with Lime colors.  Again, I utilized a vintage map page, this time adding some scrap painted paper strips, a paint chip color chart and a couple of die cuts in orange that I received in happy mail, and some deli paper with a stamped image that quite frankly didn't show up very well.  Just gives it all character, they say!  Quote in Scarlet Lime pen.

PROMPT 19 - HARRY POTTER.    I'm not much on fantasy books or movies. I don't have kids to subject me to them either.  So, a little internet research.  Could I draw something? Probably. Did I want to?  No.  The most iconic thing to me about Harry Potter are those round glasses, so I went with that.  Background in scraped craft acrylic in Caterpillar. (Love that color!)  I had this cool saying on Vellum that I was sent, also in Happy Mail.  I used a circle stencil to draw the "lenses" and went round and round with my broad tip Sharpie and highlighted them with Signo Uniball in White and drew out the logo by trying to emulate what I found on the internet.  Logo is in Bronze Sakura Gelly pen, highlighted in Black.  Border in black Sharpie.

PROMPT 20 - CANDY BAR WRAPPER.   Who doesn't like candy?  I love, love, love Butterfingers.  In anticipation of making Butterfinger Icecream (you can find my recipe for it over at Aunt Betty's Kitchen) I had purchased a couple of big flat Butterfinger bars and they were 'hiding' in the fridge.  No other candy in the house.  So, naturally, I cut the wrapper off, ate some of it (and no, I didn't share) and put the rest back in the fridge for the homemade icecream.  Derwent Inktense background in Orange and Yellow (that secret favorite color again!) with more use of scrap die cuts and an Orange Sharpie Marker.  Additional embellishment with Scarlet Lime pen.

PROMPT 21 - REPEATING PATTERN.   Tammy Garcia I think is in love with repeating patterns. She does them a LOT.  We do them a LOT.  But they are fun, and I know this is why she does them.  Something about drawing or painting a repeating pattern is very relaxing. Doesn't really matter what it is.  I've done circles, swirls, ogee patterns, triangles, square, plaids.... you name it.  So again, this time something a little different.  Scraped craft acrylic background in Admiral Blue and Cherry Blossom Pink, although you really don't see much of the pink now.  The blue ended up looking like distressed denim. I scraped one direction, let it dry, then swirled the paint around and around.  I like the overall effect of it and will try to replicate this again on something else. Stenciled arrows with Caterpillar.  We know which direction to go now!

So that is the end of my week 3.  I got behind during the week last week, but managed to get caught up and now we're off onto week 4 and more fun.  Stay tuned & happy creating!



  1. Hi Betty,

    Looking great! You are a very talented artist! I hope soon life might slow down and I will get a chance to create! Keep up the great work and thanks for all you do!

  2. Love the message..great art work Betty.