Saturday, June 14, 2014

ICAD Week 2 - The Fun Continues

Week two of ICAD 2014 has now come and gone and everyone at Daisy Yellow is creating with a fury and a vengeance. We're digging out our art supplies, getting our fingers and hands dirty and enjoying the process of Tammy's prompts.

My creations this past week are as varied as the prompts we were given.  The overall "theme" of the week was "Collage" -- some of which I included collage elements, others I did not.

Prompt 8 "MANDALA" -- I freehand sketched my mandala first with a 2B pencil, then went over that with a Black Sakura Gelly pen, colored it with Prismacolor pencils in Lavender, Violet, Lilac and Sand, then over the whole thing again with my Scarlet Lime pen

Prompt #9 - ALPHABET  The question is always, how do I use this prompt in a less than conventional way?  Of course I have already just drawn out an alphabet in fancy lettering.  B.O.R.I.N.G.   This time, I dug into my box of happy mail goodies and pulled out this terrific "brick" stenciled background that was done in a bronze acylic on a CD cover.  I also unearthed the darling little girl stamped image and the chipboard letters.  More digging was required -- now through my container of words & phrases and clipped letters.  As I discovered the elements I wanted to use, it all sort of came together.   The girl is colorized with Copic markers, enhanced with Scarlet Lime pen and around some of the lettering and finally a bit of china marker, smudged with a pencil dedicated solely for this purpose.  

Prompt #10 - THE BEATLES -- The Beatles were of my generation. We were wild about those boys with all that long hair, tight pants and the hot new sound!  I remember seeing them on the Ed Sullivan Show on television.  (Yes, I'm o.l.d.).  Again with the digging into clipped and saved ephemera and my happy mail box.  The song, "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" had started running through my brain and this is the end result.  Background is done with Inktense blocks and a baby wipe. Elements collaged onto the card and I embellished with "slow journaling" of a portion of the song lyrics and the border with Scarlet Lime pen.  The "Love" element was a stamped image I colorized with Copic Marker in Hollyhock.

Prompt #11 - "TOY CAMERA"  -- There are no children at my house.  Not one die cut of a camera. My printer is out of ink.  So, off to the internet I went in search of a camera.  As soon as I saw the Brownie Hawkeye, I knew that was it.  I played for hours with my Mother's Brownie (and yes, I was scolded many times for doing so).  So I sketched, as best I could with a 2B pencil something similar to this camera on Bristol.  I cut it out, then highlighted with Copic marker in cool and warm grey.  I had already smudged pencil lines but felt it needed further definition.  I couldn't really improve on the sketch with my very limited drawing skills.  But hey!  We're not making museum art.  We are playing and having fun!  I collaged the camera and the stamped image on vintage paper on my index card, then affixed the "photos" brad thingy that I got from Peachy  Then I "grunged-up" the whole thing with Memento Stamp Pad ink in Rich Cocoa and Sprout.

Prompt #12 - PAISLEY -- last year, I cut out paisleys from assorted pattered paper and glued them on an index card.  I am not a huge paisley fan because I was made to wear a Paisley pattered dress I hated in the 60's.  This could be why. ha.  Anyway, I drew these paisleys with Sakura Gelly pen in black, then added the designs within each paisley, filling in the blank spaces with some random triangles.  The overall background and colorizing is with Copic markers in Lipstick Red, Special Black, Teal Blue, Maize, Apricot, Cobalt Blue, Frost Blue, Pale Sepia, Africano, Pale Blackberry and  Mallow.

Prompt #13 BOOK REVIEW -- My first thought was what on this earth am I going to do with THIS prompt?  A quick scan of some magazines found no delicious images of stacks of books. Toss out that idea. I didn't really want to "draw" books.  Then it hit me.  My all-time-favorite historical novels by Lonnie Coleman!  Do something with THAT!  There is a series of 3 and I have read each many times over and love each of them each time. They always leave me wanting more. I get so engrossed in the stories and the people and the time periods.  For me, it brings the history alive.  Anyway, I hand cut a piece of 140 lb. press watercolor to size,  thinking I would paint something.  After making a rough sketch, it surely was not any great masterpiece to be sure, so I grabbed up the trusty Copic markers & my black Sakura gelly pen and got busy adding all the details. I certainly held to the "challenge," even if in a small way.  I'm not sure why I connect so with stories of the old South, but I do.  Maybe in another life ....... ??

Prompt #14 - MAGENTA   Who doesn't love magenta?  It is such a happy color, so vibrant, soooo "artsy."  Certainly every artist has something in their arsenal that is magenta, don't they?  I had this nifty stamp of this guy holding a cocktail and a party favor that I had been dying to use.  I hear him in my head, talking in a somewhat 'Texany-British' accent.... "say, old chap... you know MAGENTA does matter"    And it does. Background is Bright Magenta fluid craft acrylic, with corrugated cardboard pressed into the paint while wet, with Neon Acrylic, pink Sakura Gelly pen and Scarlet Lime pen accents and embellishment.  Sadly, magenta and neon pink don't photograph well at night with incandescent light, and scanning is worse.  So dream of magenta, all bright and powerful.   Can't you just hear him??

So another week of ICAD 2014 comes to a close, and we move along to week #3.  Time to clear off the desk and start again. <3

Happy creating!


  1. I'm really enjoying your ICADs. They are so colorful and you draw SO WELL. I've never owned a copic, but I know a few people who have some. You certainly put yours to good use. Thanks for sharing these miniature works of art.

  2. Thank you. I love those markers. They are fairly versatile and they are always handy sitting close at hand!

  3. Awesome icads!!!! Love the attention to detail. Happy creating!new