Thursday, May 15, 2014

Inspiration from Kandinsky

Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky is my all-time favorite abstract painter. He was an influential Russian painter and art theorist and is credited with painting the first purely abstract works.
At Artful Mail Groupies I set up an ATC swap entitled Kandinsky with Jazz and a Twist. The idea behind it was to put on some jazz and start groovin' to the tunes and get busy making magic. The twist, well, it was a resist. They had to use a resist as part of their creation.

Lordy, mercy me, you would think I asked them all to jump off a cliff! Ha!  Seriously, abstract art is difficult for some people. And all abstract really is - is the absence of similarity to any real object. Period. Myself, I find nothing hard about that concept. A Kandinsky I shall never be. But I still love his art and his use of color. And of course, the geometic shapes.

The thing with Kandinsky is that he was clearly enamored with geometry and geometric shapes. It is evident in so much of his work. He was a prolific artist, and not everything he did was in abstract. 

This journal page in my "everyday" journal was made from what was leftover from the art I created using watercolor, with white crayon as the resist and black acrylic paint. I cut all my ATC's from this piece and have sent them out into the world to my assigned swap partners. I hope they enjoy my trading cards as much as I enjoyed groovin' to some Quentin Marsalis and playing with my paints. ~~bgr


  1. Well, I didn't take pics of the ATCs, Tamiko. This is what is leftover after I cut them out of the watercolor paper I did as a "master palette' for them. :D But thank you for your very kind words!!!!!!

  2. i looooooooove your watercolor resist piece and especially the story!!! i had to sort of half chuckle and half cringe. it's the same way i feel when i'm at MoMA and hear the comments of people who find abstract art "difficult"... :) i like kandinsky! i also like ellsworth kelly and piet mondrian. i've stopped trying to explain why to people who only love representational art. i respect their opinion, but secretly feel like they're missing out on something awesome! ♥

    i'd love to see your ATC's, i bet they're fab! well, they would be automatically, since you LOVED making them; but i bet they are aesthetically pleasing, also, lol1 :)

    1. Lauren, I think I am certainly more of an abstract artist than a realist. For whatever reason, I CAN wrap my head around it easier. (Is my brain wired weird? ha). And like you I love Kelly and Mondrian and so "get" what they do. Thank you for stopping by, and for the kudos. Much appreciated!