Sunday, April 27, 2014

Time Is Close for ICAD 2014 at Daisy Yellow

Wow, time is flying by, as it always seems. Blink. Christmas is over. Blink. Spring is almost over (already hot here in Texas).  Blink.  Time for ICAD at Daisy Yellow!  This is a much anticipated event for many art journalers, artists, mail art enthusiasts, and creatives of every kind and description.

If you've never had the pleasure and fun (!) of creating something new and exciting on index cards, ICAD 2014 is for you!  And those of you who have done this in the past, know the thrill of completing this 60 day project.  ICAD (Index-Card-A-Day) begins June 1st at Daisy Yellow.  It is FREE!  No "registration", No "sign up".  But you will want to join Daisy Yellow's primary Facebook group here and the ICAD Facebook Group for sharing your creations here.  ICAD is the brainchild of Tammy Garcia, a great talent, mentor and teacher. I can also recommend you visit the Daisy Yellow Website if you want to check out prior years' ICAD prompts, great journaling tips and hints and tons of other valuable, creative information.  Need more information, check out the FAQ and you can pick up a badge for your blog!

Come on over to Daisy Yellow.  Come play with us starting June 1st through July 31st.

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  1. Wow! Betty, Thank you for the shout out and for your enthusiasm for the ICAD challenge!!!